I'm owner, Caleb West. A native New Mexican, I grew up on small cow-calf ranch in Fort Sumner. I graduated from West Texas A&M with a degree in agricultural business and economics. After graduating, I came home to pursue my dreams of running cow-calf pairs and stocker calves with my family.
After fighting cattle prices and markets, I made a decision to become a catastrophic insurance adjuster. This job took me all across the globe, where I was exposed to inflated prices and low-quality products, plus limited access to local foods. This is when I realized the need for families to have access and food security with quality meat. When the opportunity came for me to purchase Mesa Meats, I knew I wanted to help other producers market the quality beef, lamb, and pork that consumers want and deserve. 

Mesa Meats is driven by a passion for creating a more ethically-produced meat source for consumers.

We believe in the heritage of our producers and the unmatched quality they provide. 

We strive to change the meat industry by giving producers a new option for selling their animals through us, and giving consumers a better way to get their meat products while supporting local economies.

Thanks for being here!