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What do a Ag businessman and accountant all have in common? We are a group of individuals who all share a passion for the agricultural industry. We came together to create Mesa Meats with the goal to bring producers and consumers together with local, quality meats. We strive to change the meat industry by giving producers a new option for selling their animals through us, and giving consumers a better way to get their meat products while supporting local economies.

Caleb grew up on small cow-calf ranch in, Fort Sumner, New Mexico. He went on to graduate from college with an agricultural business and economics degree. After graduating, Caleb came home to pursue his dreams of running cow-calf pairs and stocker calves with his dad.

After fighting cattle prices and the markets, he decided to become a catastrophic insurance adjuster traveling across the US chasing storm after storm. Seeing the effects on the grocery stores throughout the country, Caleb realized the need for families to have security of quality meat. The opportunity arose to come back into agriculture fold on the other side of the meat industry, he teamed up with and Saige to not only sell their families beef to consumers, but to be able to help other producers market the quality beef, lamb, and pork that consumers want and deserve. 

Saige Bell is a sixth-generation rancher from Corona, NM. She attended ENMU on a rodeo scholarship, and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting and a Master of Business Administration. Saige’s family has been raising cattle for over 100 years, making her passionate about their role in providing friends and family with nutritious beef. Saige is excited to be a part of Mesa Meats and supply high quality beef from pasture to plate. 

Mesa Meats is driven by a passion for creating a more ethically produced meat source for consumers. We believe in the heritage of our producers and the unmatched quality they provide.